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In her former life, Lisa Cannon was a statistician for a Houston-based software company. In 2015, she left it all to pursue a career in performing, and instructing pole and aerial dance. Though her apparatus of choice is pole, she regularly performs on fabric, lyra, cube, and trapeze with The Moonlight Dolls burlesque troupe under the name Ariel Airheart. She is NASM and VauLt Certified and XPert and Elevated trained, and she instructs aerial dance at VauLt Houston and pole dance at Verticality Fitness. Finally, Lisa is a proud cat mommy to two adorable black and white cats, Sugarbutt and Stubby.


XPERT Certified Instructor
ElevateED Certified instructor
NASM Certified Personal Trainer


Patrick Ryan

Patrick has been teaching for a few years, and has been a pole dancer for even longer. He enjoys every bit of it, and loves to share his knowledge, and skills. He is the 2014 champion for the Miss Texas Pole Star’s Professional Men’s Division. He is one half of the 2013 LONE STAR PARTNERS – Doubles Division Winners, alongside fellow instructor, Lisa Cannon. He loves all things related to candy, donuts
and cats.

3rd in Men’s Elite at North America Pole Dance Championships
1st in Chair Dancing Division at Melee on The Bayou, Houston’s Premiere Pole Dancing Competition 2015

XPERT Certified Instructor
ElevateED Certified Instructor


unnamed-3Denise loves the physical challenges and fun of pole dance and enjoys spending time at the studio with Verticality staff and students. Denise’s pole story started with buying a house with a pole already installed and of course, she had to learn to use it! Denise has been poling at Verticality since 2013. Denise teaches weekday morning pole fit and a lunch level one and three classes on Fridays and loves to share the fun workout pole provides.

 ElevateED Certified Instructor
NASM Certified Personal Trainer



Kendall had been dabbling in various dance styles, and finally ventured into aerial arts, and then into pole dance. In late 2014 Kendall began her pole dancing journey at Verticality Pole Fitness. She had tried everything from gym memberships, to personal trainers, and a variety of athletic activities, but never found something that truly kept her interest. While she has been dancing a majority of her life, she had never found something she enjoyed and found simultaneously as challenging as pole.  She cannot wait to share her love for pole dancing with students, all while giving them a new outlook on fitness.

ElevatED Certified Instructor
Desk Staff Manager 



Nicole is a perpetual student. She has experience in various activities such as Lyra, aerial fabric, yoga, belly dancing, flexibility, gymnastics, ballet, swimming and strength training. Nicole finds dancing to be an awesome way to have fun and get fit! She feels if you truly enjoy your workout, it becomes something  more and you really look forward to doing it.

XPERT Certified Instructor
ElevateED Certified Instructor




Rain Halbert made her dance debut later in life at the age of 15. From then on she continued to grow and thrive in her passion of dance so much that she was quickly picked up by a dance company in her home state of Florida. There is where she fell in love with choreography and teaching others how to express themselves through their bodies. Rain has recently choreographed for The Moonlight Dolls at Prohibition Supper Club & Bar in downtown Houston where she made her debut as a burlesque artist in 2013. She now resides at Verticality Pole Fitness sharing her love for dance and couldn’t be happier to be apart of VPF’s amazingly talented family.



With no background or formal training in dance, fitness, performance or gymnastics, April fell in love with the beauty, grae and strength of the feminine body in motion in 2006. When she noticed she held her breath and was absolutely captivated during an instructor demo at the end of her very first movement class. Discovering that a feminine movement practice led her to a deep emotional, grounded connection to the very body she lived  in, she began teaching in 2009 – and in 2012 left her 15 year career in the corporate world to purse teaching movement, flexibility and fitness full time, with a focus on women’s health and fitness, flexibility and restorative stretching. April believes deeply that every single women who walks this Earth has an innate, raw and unapologetic beauty that belongs only to her, that’s just waiting to be tapped into. If you learn to listen to your body… she’ll whisper just loud enough for you to hear it.

Over 5,000 Teaching Hours
XPert Certified Instructor
AFAA Group Fitness Instructor 
AFAA Group Exercise Instructor 
S Factor Instructor 2008-2016
S Factor Licensed Instructor


Ever since I was a little girl, I wanted to fly. I’ve also always been fascinated by anything considered taboo or “naughty”…. These two reasons sent me in search of pole dancing lessons in early 2007, but it took another year for me to summon the courage to sign up for classes! I have no professional training in dance or fitness but nevertheless, I started my first pole class in July of 2008. Within a month, I knew was forever in love with pole dancing and in 2013 was ecstatic to become a teacher! Since then, I have developed an insatiable interest in the connection between the body and mind, and how a body movement practice is linked to our physical, mental, and emotional health. Pole gave me confidence to always try what may seem to be impossible, to focus on the victories (no matter how small), to be patient with myself, and to love my body again. I learned that strength and beauty have a much wider spectrum than society gives credit and that every single student embodies an incredible strength and grace that is completely unique to them. I am deeply honored by what my students teach me in every class. All of that is what I desire to cultivate and celebrate in each my classes!


Mysti has been poling since 2010 and has been a pole fitness instructor since 2014. She loves the strength she’s gained, not only physically but emotionally, from practicing in pole arts. Her philosophy is, you only live once, so there’s no time for playing it safe or sitting on the sidelines. Mysti has gained a lot of perspective from reaching beyond her comfort levels and trying new things (like pole dancing!) and she hopes to inspire others to do the same. She believes there’s absolutely nothing sexier than having confidence and expressing it through one’s own authentic individuality, and this is what she looks forward to cultivating in every one of her students.







Looking for a workout class, Melissa took her first pole class in 2010.

Delighted by the combination of sensual movement and physical strength, she fell in love with Pole dancing and has been practicing since then. She is a mother of 2 beautiful kids and 2 cats, a business owner, a salsa dancer, a yoga and meditation practitioner, and a nature, wine, and shoes lover. In her feminine movement practice, Melissa has found a way to deeply connect with her “raw feminine power” and stay in harmony with her true self.  She believes that the way that we think, move, eat, and relate with others helps us find a healthy, positive, and truthful lifestyle and she is looking forward to share and guide  students in their own journeys.

Liquid Motion Certified Instructor 
Buti Yoga Certified Instructor
S Factor Licensed Instructor




Tiffany was a bodybuilder for 3 years before she found the world of pole dancing. Now a self-proclaimed “pole addict,” she credits her years of weight training in helping her excel in pole fitness. She has been poling in Houston for roughly 3 years and has competed in Melee on The Bayou in 2015 and 2016 and the Pole Sport Organization Southern Pole Championships in 2016. She also showcased at the International Pole Convention in 2016. Tiffany is very eager to start her journey instructing pole and sharing her passion with students. 


Erin has been training in dance since she was a child. Her love for dance followed her through her teenage years into her adult life, where she eventually found pole! Pole allowed her to channel her wild side in a healthy, and supportive environment. Eventually she realized she couldn’t live without pole, and that she wants to create the same environment she has had the pleasure of learning in, for others. While she’s drawn to exotic flow and floor work, she loves all aspects of pole.  In her other life, she is an art teacher and cat mom.

elevatED Certified Instructor 
Liquid Motion Certified Instructor 

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