Current Classes and Pole Labs

Classes (60 Minutes each):

Pole Dance Level Classes –  Our Pole Dance Program is the foundation of Verticality Pole Fitness! Classes are divided into levels, with new pole and floor moves introduced at each level.  All our pole dance program classes and levels are designed to fit your schedule, so you can start at any time. And with our one student per pole policy, you will definitely see your skills improve!

New students must start at Level 1 – all other levels require approval from instructors.

Buti Yoga (All Levels) If you are one of the many women in the world looking for deep mind-body transformation -this is it! Buti Yoga is a tribe of empowered women who support each other in their quest for health and happiness. The movement methodology is drawn from primal movement, tribal dance and ancient yoga techniques to awaken the Shakti energy and free the mind. Founded by Bizzie Gold, creator of the Spiral Structure Technique TM and celebrity trainer, Buti Yoga will make you FALL DEEPLY, MADLY IN LOVE at the first asana.

Curvy Calisthenics (All Levels) Improve your strength and flexibility by using your own body weight for resistance in this class focused on tightening and lifting the curves of our bodies. Mysti will show you how to bring a l’il more fun and sexy to your workout while helping to prepare you for more advanced pole work and floor work through aerobic and muscular conditioning. Gym shoes are optional.

Flex Goals (All Levels)This class is for your wildest flexibility dreams. Is there a flexibility goal you’re trying to reach, but haven’t made it quite yet? In this class, Lisa will help you reach all of your flexibility goals! We’ll bring you the best of back, split, and shoulder stretching!

Flexibility Training (All Levels)
Flexibility Training is a class focused on improving your range of motion, active flexibility and promote joint stability. In this class you’ll work on improving various flexibility goals including splits, back bends, shoulder mobility and so much more.
This class is open to all levels.

Freestyle Femme (Level 3+) Join Mysti for Femme Dance! Bring your sexiest heels, rockin’ pole outfit, and get ready to dance your heart out in this guide freestyle class!

Hair and Chair (All Levels)  Join Rain for Hair & Chair! She’ll teach you fun choreography you can take home with you every week! This class will vary from a more smooth jazz style, to contemporary, to full on cabaret! Come ready to dance, and of course hair flip!
All levels welcome.

Intermediate Spin Pole (Level 4+) Ready to take your spin pole to the next level? In intermediate spin pole you will learn exciting tricks and transitions. We’ll be taking some of your favorite intermediate moves as well as introducing new ones all on spin pole.

Liquid Motion® (All Levels)  Liquid Motion® will teach to you how yo define your own movements in ways that you could never imagine.
Liquid Motion® is a methodology that can apply to any aspect of life, from everyday movement to technical dance vocabulary. This program teaches how to achieve seamless and natural movement quality by applying basic dance theory and sensual movement exploration. Through self-confidence, knowledge of techniques and power of individuality, you will have the tools to further your education and exploration on your own. Liquid Motion® aims to help our students grow on a daily basis, not just in a class.

Lissercize (All Levels) Come dance your way to fitness in this high-energy cardio class that uses your favorite dance partner, the pole! Work you core, tone up, and get your heart pumping while you dance to fun music.

Open Pole (Level 2+) Practice time for you to work on your pole skills. There will be no formal class instruction – an instructor will be on hand to answer questions or assist.
Please note: This class is not for first time polers. A minimum of 3 classes are required before taking Open Pole

Pole Fit (All Levels) Want to develop the strength you need to do those pole spins, climbs and inverts? Or do you just want to challenge yourself while sculpting and toning your entire body? Either way, Pole Fit is for you. This is not a pole dance class – instead we use the poles as part of our workout. We recommend taking this class along with your pole dance classes to help you build the strength, endurance and flexibility needed for the demands of pole dancing and advanced pole tricks.
All levels welcome

Pole Choreography (Level 2+) Do you love pole? Love pole routines? This class is for you. Learn choreographed pole routines and explore the elements of a pole dance so you can start creating your own choreography.

 This class is open to Level 2 students and above, and modifications will be given based on student level.
Pole Flashback (Level 2/3)  Want to work on your pole skills and have a blast at the same time? bJoin Nicole every Monday for 80’s night! You’ll be working on all the fundamentals of Level 2 & 3, while jamming out to the best 80’s hits!

Pole Goals (Level 4+)  This class is for your wildest pole dreams. Is there a trick that you want so bad, but you just can’t seem to make it happen? Share your challenges with the class and together we will work to break down the trick and figure out what’s keeping you from nailing it. Then you nail it.

Slay with Rain (All Levels)  A sexy, fun dance class where the temperature is hot and the choreography is even hotter. Covering a wide range of styles from street jazz to contemporary, you’ll always walk out feeling like you just starred in a Gaga music video.

Spring up & Stretch (All Levels) Join Melissa in the mornings to get a light stretch, and rejuvenate your body after a long weekend! Because what’s better than a nice morning stretch!
All Levels Welcome.

Tiff’s Tighten & Tone (All Levels) Join Tiffany to get tight & tone! This class is all about tightening your muscles, and toning your body! Whether you want to get fit, or lean out, this class is perfect for you!
All Levels Welcome


Pole Labs (90 minutes each)

Floorwork with Finesse (All Levels) Floorwork with Finesse with teach you how to create and define new movements on the floor. In this Pole Lab Patrick aims to expand your current dance vocabulary, and teach you new movements that flow together seamlessly. Each week you’ll expand on old tricks, and learn new exciting floor work.
In order to participate in this class you must have knee pads!

Freestyle Femme  (Level 3+) Join Mysti for Femme Dance! Bring your sexiest heels, rockin’ pole outfit, and get ready to dance your heart out in this guide freestyle class!

Level 4/5 Strength & Technique You will love your new found strength in your upper body as you challenge your muscles and lift your body weight off the ground. Prepare to invert and master your spins & tricks with proper technique and form. Do you have a move you want to improve on? I am sure you have many! We will help you get the moves that fit you and your fitness level. Prerequisite: Pole Level 3

Naughtier than Naughty (Level 3+) This class will focus on your flexibility and strengthening. Be prepared for a full body warm up followed by some pole tricks. You will feel like a Rock Star when you walk out of this 90 minute fun filled Pole Lab. Lets get these abs summer ready!

Poling with an Attitude (Level 3+) Have fun tricks, but just not enough flare? That’s what this lab is for! We’re here to help you add flare and style to your old favorites, as well as new tricks! In this Pole Lab we’ll be learning how to enhance all our favorite tricks, as well as learning new sassy moves!

Pole to Floor (Level 2+) In this Pole Lab you’ll learn how to use floor space, and transition on and off the pole! Even though we’ll be on the floor, this lab will be hot! Feel free to bring your heels to wear during class for a more sensual take on working out. We suggest bringing knee pads, and leg warms to protect your knees during your lab!

Shoe Obsession (Level 3+) In this class you will glide, slide, clack, climb and everything in between as you explore how shoes can change your movement, your mood and your attitude. You will be guided through movement on the floor and around the pole as well as experimenting with your favorite tricks all while wearing shoes! Whether it’s a dangerously exotic pair of platform stilettos or your championship performance running shoes, bring whatever footwear is a source of great pleasure and inspiration to you.

Tricky B*tch (Level 4+) –  Do you like tricks? Cool. Do you like bitches? No? That’s ok. You’ll like this Pole Lab anyway.
Levels 4 and up.




Full payment is required to reserve a space 

No Show/ Cancellation policy: During weekdays for classes or Pole Labs that begin after 5pm, 2 hour cancellation notice (in writing or via MindBody app) is required in order to reschedule without forfeiting your appointment, without refund or credit. For all other classes or Pole Labs, 24 hour cancellation notice (in writing or via MindBody app) is required in order to reschedule without forfeiting the appointment, without refund or credit. Members are assessed a $10 penalty for cancellations not made within these time periods.