To Our Treasured Students,

It is with a heavy heart I write this letter. I have been fortunate enough to have reopened Verticality two and a half years ago and shared my love for pole with each and every one of you. During this time I have met so many amazing people who have become like family to me including students, instructors and desk staff alike. The business of pole is a business of pure passion and I wanted to give all of us a safe, joyful place to share our passion. I never opened with the intention of making money since the pole business is not a moneymaker. What I have found is the time
and energy it takes to run this type of business requires your full attention 24/7 and at this time of my life with my only child leaving for college in a few years, I simply do not have the time to put into the business. The only constant in life is change, and it’s time for change yet again. Grant and I have thought long and hard over a decision to close the studio and in the end it’s the only one that is possible for us at this time. I want to thank each and every one of you, who have ever stepped through our doors from the bottom of my heart. I love you all and will cherish the memories of Verticality Pole Fitness forever. To watch you all grow in your practice of pole, some  of you becoming instructors, some going on to compete, others building your self confidence makes my heart sing and I am so proud of each of you. The studio is open for sale, which would need to take place by January 15th. If we do not find a buyer by this time we will proceed to prepare for closing by February 19th. If you are a Member with auto pay, your last auto pay will not go past January 19th. You will be able to purchase class packages with an expiration date of February 19th. Package holders should make sure to use all credits for classes before February 20th as no refunds will be given. We will try to make the transition as smooth as possible.

In the meantime, lets continue to dance.

Keep Dancing,
Ricca Arterbury
(713) 677-0100

Verticality Pole Fitness. 13 Poles. No Sharing in Class

Because Who Wants Half a Workout?

Of course you want to keep in shape. But with so many things vying for your attention, it’s tough.  And if it’s something you have to do, well, how long is the motivation going to last? Until the big event is over? What if you found something you wanted to do, something that you looked forward to every time? Welcome to Verticality. We want you to have fun while you get fit. And pole dancing is fun. You get to dance. You get strong. Your flexibility improves. And at Verticality, you will always have your own pole. Plus, you gain confidence. You feel empowered.  You strut into the room, walking taller, head held high, commanding the attention of everyone. That’s not only fun – that’s awesome! And we offer more than pole dance classes. Check out our other classes, like Chair Dance, Bellydance and Bend, Stretch ‘n’ Flex. Verticality can also help you celebrate that special occasion – or just allow you to have a girls night out bash.

Check out our website and see all that Verticality has to offer. Isn’t it time you let yourself have a little fun?

Our Mission

At Verticality Pole Fitness, we strive to provide a safe, fun; effective environment for our students, where you can learn an exciting powerful form of fitness, and find a confidence in yourself you never knew you had! Our mission is to develop a welcoming community of students and instructors who support each other on our common quest for growth, self-awareness, and strength through pole fitness. Highly trained instructors from diverse fitness backgrounds provide our students with high-quality instruction in Pole fitness, Dance, Flexibility and Cardio fitness. We encourage further education and growth through specialty workshops, series and performances. Come train with us and find out why Pole is the most effective fitness program you will ever do. Whether you are looking to increase your strength, tone, stretch or get your sexy on, we have a class for you!

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