Congratulations to our Verticality Team! 

Crystal placed 1st in the Female Championship Devision at Paragon: Latin America, as well as won Best Choreography, and tied for the highest overall score!
She just won 3rd place at Paragon: International Pole Dance Championship in Australia!


Verticality Pole Fitness. 13 Poles. No Sharing in Class.
Because Who Wants Half a Workout?

lisaOf course you want to keep in shape. But with so many things vying for your attention, it’s tough.  And if it’s something you have to do, well, how long is the motivation going to last? Until the big event is over? What if you found something you wanted to do, something that you looked forward to every time? Welcome to Verticality. We want you to have fun while you get fit. And pole dancing is fun. You get to dance. You get strong. Your flexibility improves. And at Verticality, you will always have your own pole. Plus, you gain confidence. You feel empowered.  You strut into the room, walking taller, head held high, commanding the attention of everyone. That’s not only fun – that’s awesome! And we offer more than pole dance classes. Check out our other classes, like Chair Dance, Bellydance and Bend, Stretch ‘n’ Flex. Verticality can also help you celebrate that special occasion – or just allow you to have a girls night out bash.

Check out our website and see all that Verticality has to offer. Isn’t it time you let yourself have a little fun?


Members: Our late fee was not being applied for the past few months, as of now if you late cancel and/or no-show you will be charged $10.

Check out Crystal’s MPDA routine in 2015

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